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Be strong and of Good Courage

Be strong and of Good Courage

Joshua 1:1-9 “ Be strong and of Good Courage”

I have yet to run across anyone who does need to be encouraged at one time or another. I do believe That it is a part of who we are . there are times in our lives where we hit situations which really become very unbearable. There are time when times of frustration and uncertainty that often leave us very uncertain about the outcome. This is just a part of life. Joshua, the young successor that takes Moses Mantle after Moses time to lead is up. Also Remember Joshua was also one of the twelve spies That went in the land of Canaan to spies out the land and see what the conditions would be like when the people Of Israel took Their pilgrimage to the new land. But Out Of The twelve Joshua and Caleb saw the opposition but the came out with a positive way of dealing with the upcoming opposition. So now here Joshua is as he would be Telling The people of God again to be encouraged. Matter a fact he says it atleast 3x’s in these 9vs. of scripture. The Israelites though they were God’s chosen people, they had to be reminded, just as we do, that on our way to the places in life where God desires for us to be, there will be opposition, but we must remember that we are not alone. Everywhere We Go And everywhere God desires for us to be always remember He was There first. So Be Strong And Of Good Courage. Move Forward and Push forward, God Is With You. He has already gone before you to make the crocket places straight. Since there is nothing to hard for God Just step back and let God do It.