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Redemption Ministries School of Ministry

Redemption Ministries School of Ministry offers Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees in Bible Knowledge. The college provides an opportunity for students to attend courses at Redemption Ministries. This is an educational experience that will empower you as you grow in God’s Word. Unite with other students who come because they desire to grow in their ministry. The courses are Bible-based, not concentrating on church history or doctrine but on the power of the Holy Spirit and the life changing power of God’s Word. The Biblical Knowledge program centers on God’s Word. There are courses to deepen your faith, strengthen your walk in God, as well as courses that will enable you in your service for God. The purpose of the program is to teach and train workers for a last day ministry.

If you desire to become better equipped as a worker for the Lord,
or if you want to further you knowledge of God’s Word,
come join us at Remption Ministries School of Ministry.


For more information call

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